Mario Starita aTax Lawyer you can TRUST!


Mario Starita is a tax lawyer working in a law firm in Luxembourg. As such, his services are especially catered to those who need legal assistance with regards to their taxes.

Because tax is one complex area, restricting his practice to it allows him as a Luxembourg lawyer to provide a high level of skill and attention that clients need (and deserve!). His practice encompasses all taxation aspects, including but not limited to representation, tax planning, and compliance.

He offers comprehensive legal advice regarding taxes to clients coming from all over the world. A hands-on lawyer, he is able to provide an in-depth understanding of his clients’ tax concerns. It is his goal to give his clients valuable solutions that’s timely and efficient.

Services of a tax lawyer:

  • Tax lawyers are most needed when:
  • You need to do complex estate planning strategies for taxable estate.
  • You are starting a business and would need a legal counsel for its tax structure.
  • You venture in international business and would seek for help dealing with contracts and tax treatments.
  • You are subjected to tax fraud, such as credits and false deductions.
  • You need expert advice when filing income tax returns; ensuring that what you file is accurate and lawful.
  • You are facing tax audit.
  • You are negotiating a tax settlement.

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